Minimalist home design ideas


If you think to have a modern, beautiful and impressive, filled with a variety of different elements, you should re-think. Minimalist house design creative sense and little with blueprints of the House 2 rooms and 3 rooms the following will show you how to create a modern home design that is simple, yet impressive and comfortable.

Most people dreaming about large luxury minimalist House, often designed redundantly with various styles, color combinations, the choice of detail, furniture, and others. However, most people are only able to buy one house their entire life so usually they will attempt to the greatest extent possible to obtain everything they always wanted, without realizing that they create chaos and the end results were unwanted.

Is there any other way? Of course! You can ask questions or ask for the help of the experts, in this case the architect, to realize your dreams and make a simple sketch of the House that you want. You can get small, minimalist house design with some of the benefits you get:
First, economically. The cost of designing, building, and care for simple home lower than the big house.

Second, effective and efficient. Because of the small size, the interior of any room will get more sun, you will also get an atmosphere of natural, environmentally friendly, and save the electricity bill.
Third, flexible. You can get the open floor plans and interior are closely connected.

How to design a floor plan of the House 2 rooms?

Now the blueprints of the House 2 room 1 floor becoming the target of many people especially young couples who recently got married. Minimalist house design has a more economical price so that many property developers vying creates this type of home. In addition, this type of home also have many variants forms and layouts that you can customize to your needs, both for those who still are single or recently married

1.The concept of the blueprints of the House 2 room

For those of you who have land that is quite extensive, and is in the area of the Ghetto or not located in a residential area, this is one great advantage because you freely with Your land. However, if you want to design the floor plan of the House 2 rooms one floor a more simple, practical, and economical, it doesn't hurt to try a few simple tricks.
Simple home sketches below follow the concept of home grown with certain grid patterns that allow the development of vertically or horizontally at a later date.

2.simple Home Design 6x12

One of the most abundant types developed by the developer of the housing that is a simple house design 6x12. If you have land measuring 6 × 12 meters and want to build a House, modern, comfortable, minimalist and simple design, then the following House might be able to help you. Design for this land was the home of the type 45, it means building area has more or less spacious 45 square meters

Land with simple home design 6x12 is ideal for residences in urban areas due to its size fitting, not too narrow, and also not too wide, so the price remains affordable. The following is an example of a simple house design 6x12 floor type 45 simple minimalist house.